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And so ends one of the longest, most entertaining winning streaks in UFC history...

And so ends one of the longest, most entertaining winning streaks in UFC history…

UFC president Dana White once said that Anderson Silva was, pound-for-pound, the best fighter in the world. After successfully defending his title ten times in a row (ten!!!!), Silva had pretty much verified the claim. He’d taken down pretty much every top contender of UFC’s middleweight division, including a very dramatic rematch against Sonnen, and the only one left who stood a chance at taking the coveted belt from Silva was Chris Weidman. The result of that fight, Silva’s 11th title defense, was a startling upset.

Though Weidman started the show with a promising takedown, he lost his momentum after a rather sad ankle lock attempt. Silva escaped and proceeded to toy with him, clearly having little respect for Weidman. It was that lack of respect, however, that toppled Silva. While Silva displayed his trademark style of taunting and slipping punches Muhammad Ali-style, Weidman caught him with a series of solid hooks that knocked Silva out cold.

Pride comes before the fall, so it would seem…

I think it’s a shame Silva lost, though at the same time I like it. On one hand, I rather enjoy Silva’s flashy style, and he’s undisputedly one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. On the other hand, who would want the same guy as champion forever? And isn’t it kind of appropriate that Silva be knocked out when he purposefully lowers his hands in mockery?

To some it all up, I simply can’t wait for the rematch, which Dana White says might be in the near future. That’s assuming, of course, that Weidman is still the king of the mountain when it happens. Now everyone will be gunning for him, and judging by his apparently lucky-punch victory over Silva, he might have a harder time reaching title defense #11 than Silva did.

Who’s your favorite UFC fighter?


Here comes another installment of the pro Jiu-jitsu invitational, Metamoris 3. This time it features a rematch between two Jiu-jitsu legends: Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie. Bravo defeated Gracie via submission in Abu Dhabi ten years ago, something many critics said was a fluke. Now they’ll have another go, presumably no-gi since that’s Bravo’s MO. I love the direction these Metamoris matches go, since the rules put greater emphasis on submissions and Jiu-jitsu mastery. For those of you unfamiliar with Metamoris, the competition features a 20 minute time limit, with no set point system. The winner must submit his opponent or, if the time runs out, be selected by a panel of judges who assess the match without points. These matches feature the biggest names in submission grappling, and are extremely entertaining to watch, whatever your martial arts background.

Who do you think will win? Eddie Bravo or Royler Gracie?

Here is a trailer for the upcoming Pro Jiu-jitsu Invitational, Metamoris 2:

I am excited. For those of you unfamiliar with Jiu-jitsu tournaments, this is a unique movement in the art. Normally, Jiu-jitsu tournaments have a point system and a relatively short time limit of about 7 minutes or so. If no fighter has been submitted by the end of the time limit, the winner is decided by points accumulated through takedowns, sweeps, and establishing positions. It’s a lot like wrestling. Metamoris, however, features no points and a 20 minute time limit. You must win by submission. If neither fighter submits the other by the end of the time limit, the match is declared a draw. This is Jiu-jitsu at, what many practitioners agree, its purest. It’s a competition that accurately captures the finer points of the art as it was originally created.

This is also an opportunity for those uninitiated into the intricacies of grappling to see the art in action. These are among the best fighters the art has to offer. I hope you enjoy it. I know I will!

Pass the popcorn…

What is your favorite martial arts tournament?