Hit the One in the Middle…

Posted: July 12, 2013 by beforethefire in Discussion Topics
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The only thing harder than becoming a good fighter, in my opinion, is making a good fighter. Training other people takes a higher amount of artistry and understanding of the art than being taught. I think this is the defining characteristic of the martial arts. Martial arts is not so much about fighting as it is about teaching someone how to fight. This is where we get creative little labels for stances, techniques, and positions, such as horse stance, leopard’s  paw, tiger claw, and so on. It’s about seeing significant patterns in how a fight is conducted and won and explaining that pattern to others. It’s also about finding new solutions to complex problems. Fighting is, after all, a form of problem solving.

So that brings us to today’s challenge. I want you to watch a video. It’s not inspirational, professional, funny (or not meant to be, anyway), or even all that interesting. It’s footage of an amateur MMA match in Canada, and the fighters are, shall we say, inexperienced? For those of you who’ve taught martial arts before, it might just make you cringe. Here it is:

Now that you’ve seen it, here’s my question: what would you have taught either one of these fighters to win this fight? Assume you had only a little time to train them, say a month or two. What do you think would have benefited them most in this particular match? Be specific, and try not to use blanket terms like “how to fight”.

I will say without apology that the skill levels represented in this video are horrendous, but I still have respect for the two young men who stepped into that cage. It’s more than I’ve done, and it takes courage to face someone on such an equal playing field like they did.

My personal answer: this was a match between two very inadequate strikers. I would have taught either one of them the most basic ground fighting strategies. Close the distance, body fold takedown, pass the guard, mount, ground and pound. Submissions would be hard with those gloves on, so I would simply drill some heavy-handed punches from the top of the mount, side mount, and rear mount. I would keep the list of techniques short and drill them over and over and over again against live, resisting opponents. I think that kind of training would have given either fighter an immediate advantage in this fight.

How would you have prepared either fighter for this fight?

  1. patrickasay says:

    Okay: “I’M GOING TO STOP YOU RIGHT THERE!” (Ok…only you and I will get that, but whatever)…In my own words: YOU HAVE DONE MORE THAN THEY (in the video) HAVE DONE!!!!!

    Believe me, I’ve taken on people of a higher “playing field” than me, put myself in stupid, dangerous positions where I got insanely lucky…and I can tell you straight up that I would never want to face you in a fight! I’ve trained with you. I’ve certified you. You are a Black Belt in both Applied Martial Arts and Asay Jiujitsu. It’s kind of ridiculous that I was the one to certify you when, in actuality, you are seriously the better martial artist than I am. It is only because of my life-long training in TaeKwonDo, Uchido, and Kung Fu that I have more “rank” (but that means SHIT on the mats!!!) than you. That NEVER has meant that I am more proficient at fighting than you are. (Even though I do think you need more work with defending punches on the ground, in our AJJ unfair rolls/sparring.)

    Man, I laughed my a$$ off watching that video!!!! I don’t think I laughed that hard since I watched “Step Brothers,” when they did “Karate” in their basement!!!!!!! Oh man! If you haven’t seen that movie…YOU HAVE NOT LIVED!!!!

    Anyway…the truth is that whenever I get someone that comes to my studio and says they’ve competed in MMA…I really don’t give a damn. That means nothing. The proof? Well, the video you just posted!!!!

    If I was to teach them how to fight, and only had a “month or two” to do so…I would say…JUST STOP! Let’s go to the track…and I want you to run your ass off until you throw up…then run another three miles…” EVERY DAY until I felt that they could effectively RUN from a serious street thug that confronts them with a knife.

    They are not fighters. They are just two guys that happened to watch too much “UFC” and somehow got the motivation to step in the cage. Sorry, but no respect for them there. People always say, “never involve yourself in ‘fighter-bashing’ because it takes serious courage to actually step into the cage.'” I call the BULLSHIT card on that one. Random people just jumping on the bandwagon to make themselves known and possibly look good…yeah..I have no respect for them. When they show absolutely no sign of striking proficiency, ground fighting proficiency, or anything of the MMA sort…I cannot respect them. Even if they step into “the sacred CAGE..” Since when did that become such an accomplishment??? To simply “step into the cage” and AUTOMATICALLY earn people’s respect??

    Yeah…Sprinting would be a better means of self-defense for these two wannabes.

    patrick asay
    8th degree Tangerine Belt in WhackaMackaCutchya-Do Karate

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