Long Live the King…

Posted: July 8, 2013 by beforethefire in Events
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And so ends one of the longest, most entertaining winning streaks in UFC history...

And so ends one of the longest, most entertaining winning streaks in UFC history…

UFC president Dana White once said that Anderson Silva was, pound-for-pound, the best fighter in the world. After successfully defending his title ten times in a row (ten!!!!), Silva had pretty much verified the claim. He’d taken down pretty much every top contender of UFC’s middleweight division, including a very dramatic rematch against Sonnen, and the only one left who stood a chance at taking the coveted belt from Silva was Chris Weidman. The result of that fight, Silva’s 11th title defense, was a startling upset.

Though Weidman started the show with a promising takedown, he lost his momentum after a rather sad ankle lock attempt. Silva escaped and proceeded to toy with him, clearly having little respect for Weidman. It was that lack of respect, however, that toppled Silva. While Silva displayed his trademark style of taunting and slipping punches Muhammad Ali-style, Weidman caught him with a series of solid hooks that knocked Silva out cold.

Pride comes before the fall, so it would seem…

I think it’s a shame Silva lost, though at the same time I like it. On one hand, I rather enjoy Silva’s flashy style, and he’s undisputedly one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. On the other hand, who would want the same guy as champion forever? And isn’t it kind of appropriate that Silva be knocked out when he purposefully lowers his hands in mockery?

To some it all up, I simply can’t wait for the rematch, which Dana White says might be in the near future. That’s assuming, of course, that Weidman is still the king of the mountain when it happens. Now everyone will be gunning for him, and judging by his apparently lucky-punch victory over Silva, he might have a harder time reaching title defense #11 than Silva did.

Who’s your favorite UFC fighter?

  1. patrickasay says:

    To be honest, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “lucky punch.” Unless, somehow, you fall to the ground and as your opponent comes after you his face accidentally makes contact with your fist, without you intending to strike him in the first place. Now, that would be a lucky punch. Other than that, I don’t see how it’s possible. Not with professionally trained fighters.

    Because seriously, it takes some serious skill to knock out someone like Anderson Silva, and it wasn’t because of luck that Weidman out-boxed him. It was because of skill. Now, could he do that ten times out of ten with possibly the greatest mixed martial artist ever? Probably not. But it was not a fluke. Not at that elite level. Weidman was playing a very technical stand-up game there at the end, defending very well and moving in for strikes, ultimately defeating him.

    I don’t think it was because of pride or over-confidence that Silva lost. I have NEVER seen Silva in a fight wherein he did not do the exact same thing: disrespect his opponent, taunt him, toy with him, and honestly straight-up act like quite the a$$%#@&!!!

    Weidman won because he, at least that night, was the more skilled fighter. Once again, to beat a dead horse, I do not believe in a “lucky punch,” especially at such an elite level as the UFC title match.

    Now, I completely respect Anderson Silva as a fighter. He is either THE greatest or very close to it. His accomplishments speak for themselves and he has earned GOAT status. However, I just do not like him as a person. It’s not just his ego (because I seriously even loved Muhammad Ali’s attitude)…it is the way he treats his opponents. At least Ali respected and knew he was fighting the best in the world. Silva? Not that way. Silva never respected his opponents and never cared to validate (a fact that shows by the way he behaves in the cage) the fact that his competition is also some of the best in the world. He may not say such things on camera, because Dana White makes sure there is a little bit of diplomacy with the trash talk, but like I said: It is manifest in the way he comports himself while fighting.

    As a person, I think he is a loser. Sounds harsh, but oh well, that’s my opinion!

    That’s why I like Jiujitsu MUCH more than MMA. There is more humility. You get tapped all the time. You’re constantly in a position where you just simply cannot dominate in every aspect of a roll with everyone 100% of the time.

    I enjoy watching MMA, though, but mostly for educational purposes.

    I may sound like a hypocrite because a lot of what I teach IS “mixed” martial arts (applicable to self-defense), but it is easier to maintain a humble heart when you’re just training to get better rather than getting to the top of the UFC ladder and being tempted with everything narcissistic that goes along with fortune, fame, and success.

    I am not necessarily glad that Silva lost, because I really didn’t care too much. However, I was very happy to see an underdog defeat such a champ, and in the way that he did—not by “decision…” but by KNOCKOUT! War Weidman!

    Just my two cents.


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