Patrick Who?

Posted: July 5, 2013 by patrickasay in Uncategorized

Patrick Who?

Patrick ASAY! That’s who! In Brian Brock’s previous post, he pretty much summed up everything in terms of who exactly we are and why we are doing what we are doing.

I’m definitely a work in progress! And Brian Brock has not only been an invaluable tool to the cause of Applied Martial Arts/Asay Jiujitsu (which is most important), but he has also made my game much better than if I had never met him.

This is the weird thing about Brian Brock: I have Black Belts in 3 styles, one in which is a 2nd Degree Black Belt…AND an unhealthy amount of experience in real-life violence…

…And I don’t think I have ever really taught him anything useful hahaha! It seems as though he does so much more for me than the reverse.

Also, if you hear me call him “Brock,” it’s not because it’s a formality thing…I just know too many Brians to care about confusing myself (which happens often) 😉

Thanks for getting on this blog!


  1. HOLY HUGE PICTURE OF PATRICK!!!! You are full of complements, you know that?

    • patrickasay says:

      On the contrary, I am usually very sparing with my compliments with people. If I say it…it’s true. Otherwise, I durst not speak.

      Yeah I wasn’t expecting that to be the default size of the photo. WHATEVER!


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