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Posted: July 3, 2013 by beforethefire in Humor
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There are some parts of martial arts culture that I will sometimes criticize, but naming your style after an animal will never be among them. I sometimes get jealous of the Kung fu guys that get to say they use crane or tiger or monkey technique (I would hate to fight monkey style, because chimpanzees scare me). Being a Gracie Jiu-jitsu practitioner, I kinda miss out on the whole animal mascot thing, but maybe it’s not too late to change. So that gets me thinking, which creature of the animal kingdom best represents Jiu-jitsu as I know it?

Snakes are okay, or maybe even great. They strike. They constrict. They’re definitely grapplers with potent striking power. But snakes have been done to death (thanks a lot, Kobra Kai Dojo). So what is another animal with a reputation for constricting and grappling with its prey?

This is what I want my opponents to see when I settle into side mount...

This is what I want my opponents to see when I settle into side mount…

Behold the mighty octopus! Seriously, I don’t think this real-life Krakken gets enough face time on martial arts tee shirts or academy logos. And if you think about it, this is an animal totally dedicated to grappling, and has a famous reputation for its stealth and intelligence. Though the Muay Thai guys might be miffed that I’m claiming a truly eight-limbed animal, I lay my claim to the wise, mighty octopus as the mascot of my Jiu-jitsu style!

What animal best represents your martial art?

  1. patrickasay says:

    LMAO!!!! Especially the shtick about stealing Muay Thai’s thunder by using a serious underwater grappler (the octopus) that actually has 8 distinct limbs!!! That was great!

    Mine would be (not just any anaconda but) the anaconda from the movie “Anaconda.” (You know, the one with Jennifer Lopez in her prime!!) Man that creature was sick! Now if I only had Steven Tyler’s huge mouth so I could tie up my opponent in a crazy pretzel (like maybe the crucifix or the twister) AND THEN BITE THEIR HEAD COMPLETELY OFF!! Okay, sounds morbid. But hey! Very original, one must admit. Oh, and my anaconda mascot would DESTROY your octopus for the simple reason that you cannot realistically put grappling mats on the bottom of the ocean floor! They would float! So you’d have to come out of the water, into my dojo, and be like an “octopus-out-of-water” and I’d CHOKE YOU OUT!!!! Then bite your head off.

    Haha, fun post!

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