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A Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner teaches that his style can defeat grapplers by only using Kung Fu techniques.

DISCLAIMER:  Before you watch my response video, understand that I am a black belt/sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu and I absolutely love the art!  I am not trying to belittle Kung Fu.  It has a great place in combat training.  I also LOVE grappling.  I study both arts.  I am here to show you that you cannot substitute one style for another and/or put it in another medium and expect it to be effective.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory if you watch the videos.  Feedback welcome!!!!

patrick asay


(p.s. Why does he call himself “KerrMMA?” Doesn’t MMA actually have more grappling than Wing Chun Kung Fu???)

  1. You made a really strong argument for cross training. I think it’s a strange that there’s so much of an anti-jiu-jitsu movement in some martial arts schools. I think it has to do more with martial artists feeling threatened when people demand legitimacy from their training. Many trainers and instructors are feeling the pressure of how to deal with a wide variety of tactics, especially grappling. My answer to grappling: to avoid getting into a ground fighting game, know enough ground fighting to prevent the takedown, escape the clinch, and escape the ground. The fight is largely decided by which of the fighters is able to control the range of the fight. This is usually the shortcoming of seasoned Jiu-jitsu fighters who lose their fights against fighters from a different background.

  2. …And here I was FOR SURE thinking that you’d comment on the random, super-pimp, impromptu police sirens in the background during my video! haha!

    Yeah my biggest point was truly you must be familiar with at least the basics of grappling to counter a grappler’s takedowns, dominant positions, his/her technical guard game, and submissions. And that you cannot do that by using a striking art that was not designed for a ground fight against an experienced grappler.

    I just wanted to throw in there a few of the problems and flaws I have seen with Wing Chun teaching women to use Bruce Lee’s power vertical punches to the body. No. Maybe after years of training a woman could develop enough power to sufficiently knock down a bigger stronger attacker at the sternum, but until/unless that happens a self defense situation for a beginner (especially for Women Self Defense) the Wing Chun strikes that would be most effective are those to the throat, eyes, ears, and perhaps the jaw with a heavily-practiced palm heel. (But the last one is still slightly pushing it). Thanks for providing me with the opportunity for me to rant about that.

    But back to the main point: I have known WAY too many veteran martial artists of 25 plus years that are just too stubborn and stuck in their ways to humble themselves enough to get on the ground and learn how to defend themselves in that medium, against experienced grapplers. They just avoid it and say that their style of fighting is such that going to the ground just isn’t anywhere near the realm of possibility. And the thing is…they truly believe it. And they teach their students the same, with words like “anti-grappling.” These students are missing out because of the plethora of MMA fighters coming straight out of the woodwork, at an increasing rate because of the popularity of the sport. It’s really kind of sad.

    Thanks for the opportunity to create this blog post!

    patrick asay

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