Fool Me Twice…

Posted: June 26, 2013 by beforethefire in Events
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Here comes another installment of the pro Jiu-jitsu invitational, Metamoris 3. This time it features a rematch between two Jiu-jitsu legends: Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie. Bravo defeated Gracie via submission in Abu Dhabi ten years ago, something many critics said was a fluke. Now they’ll have another go, presumably no-gi since that’s Bravo’s MO. I love the direction these Metamoris matches go, since the rules put greater emphasis on submissions and Jiu-jitsu mastery. For those of you unfamiliar with Metamoris, the competition features a 20 minute time limit, with no set point system. The winner must submit his opponent or, if the time runs out, be selected by a panel of judges who assess the match without points. These matches feature the biggest names in submission grappling, and are extremely entertaining to watch, whatever your martial arts background.

Who do you think will win? Eddie Bravo or Royler Gracie?

  1. patrickasay says:

    Like I asked you in the text, I personally think there are no “flukes” at that high level of Jiujitsu competition. I think Eddie legitimately destroyed Royler with a smooth Triangle Choke. I watched that match probably three times and it was very technical. I don’t think Royler made a simple mistake. I think his game was well played, it just wasn’t as good as Eddie’s (at least that day). Now, could Eddie do the same thing to him 10 times out of 10? I dare so not a chance! But Eddie’s Jiujitsu is not weak, and his training is at a very high, elite level, as is Royler’s. However, my prediction for the match: Royler by decision. I think they both will come out strong, but Eddie will not be as aggressive. And I think once the time limit is up Royler’s aggressiveness will have won him the match.



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