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Posted: June 21, 2013 by beforethefire in Discussion Topics
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I wish my training journal looked like this...

I wish my training journal looked like this…

Here’s a subject I would appreciate your feedback on, especially if you’ve ever kept a martial arts training journal. I’m currently brainstorming ideas for developing journals dedicated to martial artists for recording the details of their training sessions. The first, of course, will be geared towards Jiu-jitsu practitioners. Instead of simply having writing space, I thought of including some of the following:

  • Dedicated spaces for recording the techniques you covered and the people you trained with.
  • A list of symbols and shorthand script for common Jiu-jitsu terms (mount, guard, trap, sweep, ect.).
  • Monthly and weekly goals.
  • Competition dates and results.
  • Space for recording warm up exercises and fitness training.

I’m still in the concept phase of this project, but my ultimate goal is to mass produce these and make them available to martial artists everywhere. This is the sort of thing I think can be helpful to a lot of people, especially since some martial arts require such detail-rich instruction many people forget much of the material the next day. This will probably be one of those things I’ll work on every once in a while over the next year.

After that, I’ll be sure to publish them in scroll form, complete with ninja spells to guard your most forbidden techniques from the eyes of the uninitiated (patent pending).

What do you write in your training journal?


  1. Excellent idea! I do journal my rolls from time to time. And, I include my feelings, my mistakes and what I should/could have done differently. My opponents mistakes. My opponnets strenghts. Then, I review this log and I tailor my training towards it.

  2. patrickasay says:

    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT IDEA!!! I will be the first to purchase it when you come out with it! And…Please do it! I will definitely help in the production, promotion, marketing, and distribution of such a worthy project as well!

    After I train with my students I always log what I have taught them, what they’ve “passed off,” and notes about their progress. I’ve been doing this for 6 years.

    I do have a workout log wherein I record my resistance training (weight lifted, reps, sets, different exercises, etc.), cardio work, MA drills (Not only BJJ stuff like bridging and shrimping, but time spent on the heavy bag, the grappling dummy and the wooden dummy), but I would like to have a specific training book dedicated to my martial arts training, so I can keep that separate from my fitness logs.

    Email me some prototypes when you get the chance, and I could brainstorm like crazy and this could even help me out with my practicum. If you’d like, I can also just come up with some ideas and send them to you as well.

    Again, revolutionary idea! I’m in.


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