Re: Know Your enemy

Posted: June 19, 2013 by patrickasay in Uncategorized

I agree with Brock completely on all points mentioned in his post.  I’d like to refer the reader to an article, from a great self defense website called  In it, Marc MacYoung, a veteran “street” fighter (you may verify this by doing some internet research on him. He is very reputable in the self defense world and has even been an expert witness at trials in which he testified on how certain things happened the way they did, why they did, and the resulting consequences of the violent encounter) explains, “…self-defense is a much more complex issue than mere physical prowess. Commonsense, lifestyle choices, certain habits and good manners will go much further to ensure your personal safety than any fighting style. This is despite what a fast talking MA school owner will tell you as he’s trying to get you to sign the contract.”  (feel free to click on the blue, highlighted links that will take you to his site explaining the topics).  

Now, he easily comes across as an anti-martial arts activist, but he’s really not.  He really is all about “no nonsense self defense.”  He definitely acknowledges that you can use “martial arts” techniques in a self defense situation, but most of the time it is probably not called for.  Here is the link to the page that Brock’s article reminded me of: It’s a great read!  I have exchanged many emails with Mr. MacYoung and the guy is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to the reality of violence and how to prevent it, after living a lifetime of being stupid and getting into all kinds of violence.  He’ll even admit that freely.


Anyway, check it out!



  1. patrickasay says:

    In the response field, the links were blue. CORRECTION: the RED HIGHLIGHTED words are links to Marc MacYoung’s website explaining the terms in great detail. thanks!


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