An Apple a Day…

Posted: June 14, 2013 by beforethefire in Training
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Martial arts proficiency often requires a little more than simply showing up for class once or twice a week. Many great practitioners find that doing small exercises and drills at home accelerate their training progress. I agree with this. I find that doing little movements and even just exercising a little between classes keeps me fresh from previous classes and prevents me from forgetting things I recently learned. I believe it’s worth it to make a routine for daily or almost-daily drilling at home.

This video shows a few drills Jiu-jitsu practitioners can do by themselves at home. For those unfamiliar with Jiu-jitsu drills, these movements aren’t techniques, just the sort of warm up exercises BJJ practitioners do in the beginning of classes to help develop the movements we use in many of our techniques. You wouldn’t believe how many techniques could be improved by improving your Upa  (hip bridging) alone!

What kinds of daily drills help you with your training?


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