Submission or Nothing…

Posted: June 5, 2013 by beforethefire in Events
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Here is a trailer for the upcoming Pro Jiu-jitsu Invitational, Metamoris 2:

I am excited. For those of you unfamiliar with Jiu-jitsu tournaments, this is a unique movement in the art. Normally, Jiu-jitsu tournaments have a point system and a relatively short time limit of about 7 minutes or so. If no fighter has been submitted by the end of the time limit, the winner is decided by points accumulated through takedowns, sweeps, and establishing positions. It’s a lot like wrestling. Metamoris, however, features no points and a 20 minute time limit. You must win by submission. If neither fighter submits the other by the end of the time limit, the match is declared a draw. This is Jiu-jitsu at, what many practitioners agree, its purest. It’s a competition that accurately captures the finer points of the art as it was originally created.

This is also an opportunity for those uninitiated into the intricacies of grappling to see the art in action. These are among the best fighters the art has to offer. I hope you enjoy it. I know I will!

Pass the popcorn…

What is your favorite martial arts tournament?

  1. Well, now that Metamoris 2 is over, I wish to apologize for my mistake in explaining the rules. I said a match would end in a draw if no fighter achieved a submission, but it turns out there was a panel of judges (including Pedro Sauer, the esteemed head of my GJJ organization) to choose a winner based on a specific criteria, but not based on points. A little different from Metamoris 1, I think. Still, a far cry from the wrestling-inspired point system!

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