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Posted: May 2, 2013 by patrickasay in Uncategorized

Though this blog bears Jiu-jitsu in the title, this blog is really about martial arts in general.  I myself am a Jiu-jitsu practitioner, though I am fascinated by fighting in all its many incarnations.  Everything from Kung-Fu to MMA, Krav Maga to Karate.  Fighting systems are making their way into many facets of culture, especially American culture, and it’s my goal to know about it all!

So what will I be writing about?  You can, of course, expect my own philosophies and approaches to the complex idea of fighting (or interpersonal violence, as the military so technically calls it), but I have plans to show you much more.  First of all, I want to provide you, the reader, with news:  anything from upcoming fights, expos, national news stories involving martial arts, and so on.  I also want to get in reviews.  Reviews of what, you ask?  Of martial arts publications, movies, instructional videos, and even training centers.  That’s right, you heard me.I’m going to go to actual martial arts training locations and rate everything from their instruction style to the facilities.  Why? So prospecting martial artists in the area can know what they’ve got available to them.

Another thing I hope will happen here is feedback.  As a big fan of cross training, I will be asking the opinions of our readers on all sorts of topics, from nutrition and exercise to drills and training methods.  I hope I will be able to take all of this and improve my own training as well as the training fo other people in my area.  With any luck, and a few readers as enthusiastic as I am, this will become a forum where martial artists can give as much as they receive.  Fighting is, after all, a complex thing with many, many approaches.  The more people giving their point of view on the topic, the better.

I look forward to reading your responses to my posts, and especially trying out some of your ideas.  Keep training my friends, and fight hard!

-Brian Brock

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